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Fall in Love with L’Abrea.

Best Keratin Treatment Salon in Sydney

Through science, passion, and innovation, Head Spa’s in-house L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment brings effortless style and affordability to your everyday life.
What We Do

What We Do

We exclusively offer Sydney’s best Keratin Hair Treatments. As the founders of L’Abrea Cosmetics Keratin products, our Head Spa salon teams are the best of the best in the application, service, and maintenance of Brazilian smoothing services and only use products that guarantee the following:


  • NO Formaldehyde

  • NO Ammonia

  • NO Animal-based ingredients or testing

  • Sourced from naturally derived ingredients wherever possible


With over two decades of salon experience and hands-on involvement in the creation of L’Abrea Cosmetics, Head Spa co-founder Maryam Geddes established our first salon in 2015 and continues to professionally train each and every in-house stylist to ensure the safest and smoothest keratin result.


With a 2-2.5 hour maximum time allotted per Keratin treatment, we have our clients in, out, and ready to hit the town with their perfectly blown out hair on time, every time. There is no downtime, no need to wait to wash and style, and hair can be clipped back right away. Like we said - our experience servicing dozens of clients every week means that we know Keratin from the ground up and have our products and services nailed down to a science.

Our History

Our History

Founded from love, passion, and one-too-many experiences with burnt and damaged hair, the desire to bring a safe and sustainable solution to the Keratin market drove the family owned and operated Head Spa founders into the research and science behind Brazilian smoothing services.

Maryam Geddes, Co-Founder of Head Spa salons and Founder of L’Abrea Cosmetics, experienced the first ever Brazilian smoothing treatments when treatments cost up to $1000 and required a 6-7 hours per treatment. With toxic smoke and formaldehyde being only two of the high-risk side effects of all those exposed during the treatment, Maryam’s insight as both a client and stylist led her to believe that there could be another way to approach Keratin Hair Treatments. After years of research, development, and product testing, L’Abrea Cosmetics was introduced in 2013 as the next Keratin Treatment solution, is derived from natural ingredients wherever possible, and contains absolutely no formaldehyde, ammonia, or animal based ingredients.


Now used in over 300 Australia salons, and another dozen countries worldwide, L’Abrea Cosmetics has become the best product on the market for achieving the sleek, smooth, and lasting results of Keratin, without the hazardous health and hair side effects. After recognising a need for further product and service training to ensure that all L’Abrea Cosmetic products delivered the best result for every client, Head Spa opened its first salon in Sydney’s CBD in 2015. To this day, every stylist continues to be trained hands-on by Maryam in the exact application, service, and maintenance of every Keratin Treatment service to ensure that the products deliver exactly as intended. The end result? Every Head Spa client achieves the best possible outcome for their hair.


Our team focuses on the correct technique, application, equipment, and products to ensure that no step is overlooked, the smallest details are considered, and maximum results are achieved. We do this by carefully selecting every salon stylist, continual training, and weekly, hands-on experience with the hundreds of Keratin treatments we complete.


Our goal is to operate the only Keratin exclusive hair salons that specialise in every aspect of Keratin Hair Treatment services and have already expanded beyond our CBD location to include salons in Parramatta and Mosman making 2019 year our best year yet.


The Head Spa focus will always remain committed to offering excellent value, the highest possible quality products and services, and client satisfaction. In other words, we want to support every Head Spa woman (and man!) to achieve a lifestyle of ease, manageability, and everyday luxury. In others words:


“I want to see every woman wear her hair as the crown that she deserves.” - Maryam Geddes, Head Spa Co-Founder, L’Abrea Cosmetics Founder
About Our Team

About Our Team

Head Spa was founded by sibling duo Maryam Geddes and Javad Pirbazari after the launch of the globally successful L’Abrea Cosmetics Keratin line. With over 24 years’ experience as a stylist, Maryam brought knowledge and in-depth insight to the salon’s opening and a desire to ensure the application and aftercare support of every L’Abrea Keratin treatment was perfected. Javad supported the production and research and development behind L’Abrea and now mans the strategies and logistics needed to become Australia’s favourite Keratin providers.


Driven by a belief that beauty and health can co-exist, Head Spa’s original penthouse location in Sydney’s CBD has expanded to include our expert teams in Parramatta and the North Shore’s Mosman. Each stylist has been professionally trained by Maryam in the art of providing L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatments and can guide each client through their smoothing service with advice and guidance on achieving their best results.


Each of our stylists are carefully selecting for their attention to detail and are trained with Maryam to be well-versed in finite application of every Keratin treatment. Every one of our team has professional insight into each client's hair type, regardless of texture or previous chemical and colouring treatments, application techniques, and the non-toxic and hair health benefits of using L’Abrea Keratin products.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that beauty is NOT pain. Saying goodbye to the damaging and hazardous blowouts of the past, Head Spa founded each salon and product with one mission in mind: to bring a fortifying, non-toxic, lifestyle supporting Keratin Treatment to the market that would result in a sleek and smooth style for every client.


Our belief in life and every one of our salons is that we can harness the power of nature’s ingredients to reverse environmental damages sustained through everyday life and that the smallest details are the most important.


Every L’Abrea Cosmetic product and Head Spa salon says NO to:

  • Ammonia

  • Formaldehyde

  • Animal-based ingredients and testing

  • Non-natural ingredients wherever possible. Our Keratin Treatment and Aftercare products are made from 95% natural ingredients!


We believe that sleek, smooth, manageable hair is an achievable goal for every salon goer and want to ensure that safety and affordability are always our top priorities for every Head Spa client and stylista.
Our Salons

Our Salons

Long gone are the days of health hazards and paying top-notch dollars to benefit from the ease and simplicity of Keratin. For busy professionals, lifestyle seekers, and modern movers-and-shakers wanting to simplify their everyday routine, our Head Spa founders first sought to open a salon that increased treatment accessibility but remained committed to maintaining product quality. First opened on Market Street in Sydney’s CBD, Head Spa’s team has expanded to cater to shine seekers and leisure lovers in Parramatta and the North Shore’s Mosman communities.


Since its debut, L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment has become one of the most sought after, health conscious solutions to rid the world of unruly hair. Derived from 95% natural ingredients, a 100% plant based solution, and Formaldehyde and Ammonia-free, Head Spa’s revolutionary L’Abrea Keratin Treatment has enabled our team to invite every client in to bathe in the benefits of being sleek and smooth.

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