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Gone are the days of bad blowouts and unhappy hair.
Head Spa’s L’Abrea Keratin Treatment has been formulated with your health (and hair!) in mind.

FAQs About Sydney’s First Keratin Only Salon

Have a few questions about Keratin Treatments before diving in? A safe, fast, and highly effective service, HeadSpa’s unique in-house L’Abrea keratin formula means you get the best results without any of the risk. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from clients below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cutting Edge Innovation Meets HeadSpa Keratin Products

Interested in HeadSpa products? From an at-home Do-It-Yourself keratin option to aftercare shampoos and conditioners to extend your look, our industry experienced team has put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Check out how you can take advantage of HeadSpa products in the salon and at home.

Keratin Treatments Both In-spa and At-home

At Home

HeadSpa now offers a Do-It-Yourself keratin treatment that’s affordable, effective, and designed to be completed in less than 2 hours. Whether you’re getting ready for a major event or want a quick top up in between salon visits, our step-by-step kit includes all of the products you need and video training to boot. Simply pull out your flat iron, a towel, and blow dryer and we’ll guide you through it at home.


Want to pass off the work to someone else? We’ve streamlined our keratin treatments to have clients in, out, and ready for a night on the town in 2-2.5 hours. Simply book in at any one of our Sydney locations and our friendly team will de-frizz, smooth out, and blow dry your hair for you.

The Next Steps to Booking in with HeadSpa’s Sydney Keratin Salons

HeadSpa is Sydney’s only hair salon that exclusively (and only!) offers keratin treatments. Experts in what we do, we’re making it easier than ever for clients to achieve the same amazing results both at-home and in the salon.


Regardless of the products and services you choose, we’re ready to welcome you. Affordable, effective, and guaranteed to provide you with long-lasting results, we suggest you see what all the fuss is about for yourself.


For more information or to book in with our highly qualified team, contact one of our salons below or read our pricing guide to get an estimate on how much your in-salon service will cost.


Interested in the science behind HeadSpa products? You can find out more information about our research, development, and application process here.

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