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Gone are the days of bad blowouts and unhappy hair.
Head Spa’s L’Abrea Keratin Treatment has been formulated with your health (and hair!) in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keratin?


Keratin is a natural protein found in the makeup of our hair, nails, and skin. Over time, and through daily activities such as styling and washing, our hair can lose its Keratin content and become frizzy and unmanageable. Keratin Hair Treatments lock the protein back into the hair and leaves a long-lasting, smoothing, fortifying, and hair health-ifying result.

1- What is Head Spa’s L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein found in the makeup of our hair, nails, and skin. Over time, and through daily activities such as styling and washing, our hair can lose its Keratin content and become frizzy and unmanageable. Keratin Hair Treatments lock the protein back into the hair and leaves a long-lasting, smoothing, fortifying, and hair health-ifying result.

2- How often do I need to visit Head Spa for repeat L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatments?


L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment results last between 3-5 months depending on the original hair texture. If the hair is very frizzy or curly it is recommended to repeat the treatment after 3 months to achieve and maintain the best results.


Although we recommend 3-5 months between appointments, a full Keratin Treatment can be repeated 1-week after the initial appointment to achieve greater smoothness and sleeker results. Alternatively, all guests are welcome to come into a Head Spa salon for a second ironing sit. What this means is that 24-hours after your initial appointment, without having washed your hand, you can come in to the salon and the stylist will iron through the hair (on the existing Keratin product) a second time. This can be a great option for those looking for an extra sleek style and those with extra curly or frizzy hair. A second sitting of the ironing treatment (which will take significantly less time than your first appointment) can achieve up to 10-20% greater smoothing results.


To extend the life of your treatment, we strongly recommend using L’Abrea Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner - both of which were developed in-house and are SLES free - to maximise your smoothing results.

3- Can I colour, bleach, or lighten my hair on the same day that I apply L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment?


It is not recommended that Head Spa guests use any chemical treatments within 48 hours after applying the Keratin Hair Treatment. We make this recommendation solely because the hair cuticle is full of the Keratin treatment product after your service and any colour or treatment applied to the hair in less than 48 hours (or, before the first wash) will not fully absorb into the hair or reach its full colour potential.


Further, receiving a Keratin Treatment directly after colouring the hair could ‘warm’ the just-coloured tone and may lighten the colour up to one shade. Although the hair will not be damaged by directly following up a colouring appointment with Keratin, it is recommended to separate the appointments. If clients are particularly concerned with colouring the hair and receiving a Keratin Treatment within the same time frame (say, for an event!) colourists should be advised to select a shade slightly darker and cooler than the desired result. It is also important to keep in mind that additional toning or use of a toning shampoo may be needed if receiving a Keratin treatment directly following a colour.


A bleaching treatment should be booked no earlier than one week after the most recent Keratin appointment.


Always consult your salon specialist on the day of your appointment for further advice regarding colouring, bleaching, and other chemical treatments directly before or following your Keratin appointment.


4- What are the benefits of using L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment?

L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment provides a long-lasting smoothing effect, significantly reduces styling time, minimises damage from prolonged use of hair dryers or straightening irons, and maximises daily manageability. Other benefits include fortified hair strength, softening, increased shine, and overall enhanced hair health through the replenishment of keratin proteins lost through daily activities such as washing and styling.



5- Why should I choose L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment over other keratin products?


We’re so glad you asked! Most Keratin Hair Treatment products explicitly include formaldehyde or other chemicals that release formaldehyde during the treatment process. (This is true even for many products that are advertised as formaldehyde-free!) Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic, high-risk gas released to all exposed during the treatment process. Research has shown that high levels of formaldehyde exposure is linked to cancer and the daily risk of skin, scalp, nasal, and eye irritation. Hairdressers and salon teams are particularly vulnerable due to repeated exposure.


L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment stands head and shoulders above other keratin brands due to our extensive research and development process. Since L’Abrea’s introduction to the market in 2013, laboratory analysis has confirmed that the L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment is 100% formaldehyde and ammonia-free. All of this means that by choosing L’Abrea you are NOT putting your health at risk, you are supporting a local business, and achieving better long-term results for your hair, health, and smoothing results.


For more information about the risks associated with formaldehyde click here.



6- How long does the treatment take?


Efficiency, effectiveness, and staying on time for every client appointment are among our highest priorities. We have every guest in, out, and styling within 2-2.5 hours and guarantee that your hair will be ready to go out on the town as soon as you leave the salon. No stickiness, heavy or weighed down hair, or chemical smell will be present after the treatment. Instead you will have lightweight, smooth, and styled hair that can be presented to the world in no time!


It is also good to know that there is no styling down time after each treatment and you can clip, wash, style, and show off your locks as soon as you leave the salon. Please review the FAQs or ask your stylist about chemical treatments (such as colouring and bleaching) directly before or after your Keratin treatment.



7- My hair is crazy curly. What will my results be after using L’Abrea Keratin HairTreatment?


L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment reduces the density of hair curl and minimises frizz. The final outcome will always be dependant on the texture of the original hair. For more effective results you can repeat the treatment and we always recommend using the L’Abrea Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner.


Also know that all Head Spa clients are allowed to further their smoothing results with one of two options. First, you are welcome to come to the salon within 24 hours of your initial Keratin appointment for a ‘second sit’. This means that you return to the salon, without having washed your hair, and the stylist will re-iron the existing Keratin product through your hair. Additional smoothness up to 10-20% greater than the initial outcome can be achieved. The second ironing sit will take significantly less time than the initial appointment.


Secondly, although we find that most clients can return to the salon 3-5 months after their initial appointment for a follow up treatment, any client wishing to complete another full Keratin Treatment can return to the salon one week after their original appointment.


For further information about how to maximise your Keratin results, please speak with your stylist on the day of your appointment.



8- If my hair has been chemically treated (coloured, straightened, etc.), can I use L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment without damaging or breaking my hair?


Of course! L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment rebuilds and replenishes the keratin that is lost during chemical treatments such as colouring, bleaching, and lightening. Using L’Abrea Keratin products will help fortify your hair and give you stronger, healthier, and sleeker results.


If you are waiting to colour your hair after your Keratin Treatment, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours (or after your first wash) to maximise your results. This is because the hair cuticle is saturated with the Keratin product after the treatment and colour will not be fully absorbed. Bleaching treatments should be scheduled at least one week after a Keratin Treatment service. For more guidance, please speak with your stylist on the day of your appointment about colouring recommendations.



9- How much does it cost to get a Keratin Hair Treatment?


Every client will have a slightly different service cost due to the quantity and length of hair which will be assessed at the start of every appointment. All Keratin Hair Treatments are charged the same base price and then a service cost is added dependent on the length and thickness of the hair to equal a total treatment price. Please visit our Products and Services page to review the service costs based on hair quantity and length.


10- What changes should I expect to see in my hair after a L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment?


Our Keratin Treatments will leave your hair smooth, sleek, fortified, and shiny for 3-5 months at a time! Increased manageability, less frizz, and significantly reduced daily styling are just a few of the results our clients see after every treatment. While we think the minimal effort and maximum results are amazing lifestyle add-ons, it is important to keep in mind that L’Abrea Keratin Treatment is *not* a straightening product but a smoothing service.


This means that hair will not be 100% straight after the service - but it will be much more smooth, sleek, and less frizzy. Fortunately, some straightening side effects will be noticed - as much as 40 - 80% per treatment! While this is a huge bonus, and because L’Abrea Keratin Treatment is not a wash and wear product, we do recommend doing a quick blow dry (mere minutes) after every wash to achieve the *best* stepped-out-of-the-salon results.


11- How can I make an appointment at one of the Head Spa salons?


We’re so glad you asked! Hop on over to our Contact page to make an online booking for your next L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment. Although we find that our most commonly asked questions about the salons, stylists, and the safety and effectiveness of L’Abrea products can be answered on our FAQs page, we understand that sometimes it can be nice to speak with a real person. If you have further questions or queries, please reach out to our friendly salon teams! However, as we do run very busy salons,  please keep in mind that we only take bookings and make appointments through our online ‘Book Now’ portal found on the Contact page of this site. We look forward to meeting you!