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Exclusively offering Keratin Hair Treatments by L’Abrea Cosmetics, every Head Spa guest walks out a little better than before.
About L’Abrea Cosmetics

About L’Abrea Cosmetics

Founded with a passion and determination to create a Keratin product line that wouldn’t destroy hair and health, Head Spa founders Maryam Geddes and Javad Pirbazari dove into the science and research behind L’Abrea Cosmetics to bring a non-toxic, highly effective, and salon, stylist, and client safe treatment to the market.


None of the L’Abrea Cosmetics products contain:


  • Ammonia

  • Formaldehyde (tested to be 100% formaldehyde free!)

  • Animal-based ingredients or testing (that’s right, we’re vegan!)


And are derived from natural ingredients wherever possible. We are an international brand that supplies L’Abrea Keratin products to over 300 Australian salons and stand by every product we have produced and every expert Head Spa stylist we have trained to maximise our clients’ results.

L’Abrea Keratin Treatment

L’Abrea Keratin Treatment

Head Spa’s L’Abrea Keratin Treatment was created for and is used in-house by every one of our stylists who have been trained hands-on by Head Spa co-founder and L’Abrea creator Maryam Geddes. Every treatment is locked in and sealed with our unique 6-element L’Abrea Hot Iron to give every client the best, and safest, result.

L’Abrea Aftercare Products

L’Abrea Aftercare Products

To maximise the results of each L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment, we recommend using the Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner to lengthen the time of your sleek and smooth results and maximise time between appointments. Although we suggest a 3-4 month waiting time between treatments, many of our clients find that the length between sessions is increased the more they manage (and care for!) their locks.


Both the L’Abrea Aftercare Shampoo and Conditioner are SLES free - meaning that no added sodium will be ridding your hair of that new keratin any time soon.

L’Abrea | HeadSpa Keratin Treatments

Each of our clients will be charged the base price for a L’Abrea Keratin Hair Treatment plus the additional service charge below that is based on your unique hair length and quantity. Want to know more? Ask your stylist on the day of the appointment to confirm your individual service.

Additional Service Charge Range

*Short and fine hair that is above the shoulders when straightened does not incur an additional service charge beyond the base price of the treatment.

*Extra Thick Hair: to be confirmed on consultation with your Head Spa stylist.

Base price is usually $99 however we charge Afro hair $180 for base price.

Hair length is measured when iron and straightened.

L’Abrea | HeadSpa Keratin Treatments
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