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Best Keratin Hair treatment

In Bondi

Head Spa Bondi Junction one of 4 the branches, is located in east tower, 9-13 Bronte road, Bondi Junction. This building located between Spring street and Elbe street and across Gray street.

It is around 2 Min walk from Bondi Junction Train station and across Bondi Westfield.In the same building downstairs, Elixir Pilate club and G’rilled fast food restaurant are located that you can not miss. You need to enter the glass door and take the elevator to level 7 to find us on your left, when you come out of the lift.

This branch is very cosy and cute with a stunning view.

There is Wi-Fi available in the salon for who likes continue working or surfing on their devices.

As mentioned Westfield Bondi Junction is across to the building were we are located with 2 hours free car park, however if you sign to their app you can get 4 hours free car park there.(Please check their terms and condition as it might changes with time). Also you can go for a quick shopping or have a coffee in that hour which keratin needs to sit in your hair to develop.We usually give you a call to remind you its time to come back so we can finish your service.

Head Spa is exclusive L’Abrea Keratin treatment salon and only offers Keratin treatment.

L’Abrea keratin treatment is in house product, therefore our prices in Head Spa are very competitive specially for the quality of the service and product we offer .

L’Abrea keratin is Formaldehyde free, ammonia and toxic free. It has been designed to improve the hair and makes it softer and more manageable while giving it more shine and strength.

At Head Spa The staff are highly train and since they do keratin treatment on daily bases, they are expert at what they do.

We use made to order Iron to give their clients the best result possible. These irons are made with latest technology in the market and best material possible.

All our clients book their appointment online and we do not accept walking in clients . This means the stylist time has been allocated to the client booked at that time. Only the next client book will come before you finish your appointment. This makes our space truly relaxing and enjoyable.


Is Head Spa Bondi close to public transport?

Yes , Head Spa Bondi branch is 2 min walk from Bondi Junction train station. Also there are many bus stops in few min away

Is there any car park available around Head Spa?

There is Westfield shopping centre car park just across Head Spa, with 2 hours free car park. If you sign to Westfield app you can get up to 4 hours free car park ( please check their term and condition as they might change this offer)

There is also East garden shopping centre car park around the corner, but it is free only for one hour.

Is Head Spa Bondi accessible for wheelchair?


Can I bring my child to Head Spa Bondi for my keratin treatment?

You can, however this is not something that we recommend you to do, because children and babies have really sensitive organ and it is not wise for them to inhale the air in a hair salon, Head Spa or any other salon at all.

Can I just walk in to Head Spa Bondi to get keratin treatment?

No. We do not accept walk in client, because we operate only with bookings and we precious our time with our client . We want to give them all attention and care without putting any pressure.

Is Wi-Fi available in Head Spa Bondi?

Yes there is unlimited Wi-Fi available.

Can I continue working when I get my hair keratin treatment done in Head Spa Bondi?

Yes absolutely. We understand how precious the time is in modern life and we are trying to create the environment that is friendly for our client to work while they get their hair done.

Why should I choose Head Spa Bondi to do my keratin treatment?

Because we use the best product which is toxic free like formaldehyde free, Ammonia free. Its Vegan and organic and it is made in Australia.

Also our staff doing multiple keratin on daily bases and they are highly trained and skilled.

Our tools are made to order to give you the best results.

We value your time and we don’t ask you to hang around for long before we start your service.

Our price is very competitive , considering the quality and the service we provide.

How is accessibility to Head Spa during the weekend and after hours?

After hours and during the weekends or public holidays, our lift might have restriction and not operating to public. If you find yourself in that situation please ring us on 02 8003 4342 and let our management know so they will send the staff to come downstairs to pick you up.

How can I contact Head Spa in case of Emergency ?

In case of emergency please call us on 02 8003 4342. If its out of our working hours and no answer, please send us an email.

Can I just walk in to Head Spa if I need to buy more shampoo and conditioner?

We recommend you to contact us in advance so we can give you the suitable time to attend to the salon to buy more aftercare.

Or you can always purchase from L’Abrea website directly to get delivered at your place:

Use the code : HEADSPA to get discount on your aftercare.

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