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Best Keratin Hair treatment

In Sydney CBD

Head Spa CBD branch is located in St James Trust building, one of the most iconic heritage buildings in Sydney. It’s on Level one. The building has 2 exist, one in Elizabeth Street (185) and the other in Castlereagh

Street(160). On the Elizabeth exit is located at Bambino Trust, one of the most prime Italian restaurants in Sydney.

St James Trust building located across Hydpark in Elizabeth Street and between park street and market street. From Castlereagh side, the building is
across Pablo & Rusty’s cafe.

When clients come upstairs, they will find themselves in this gorgeous space, which has a lot of style and character.
Head Spa is exclusive L’Abrea Keratin treatment salon and only offers Keratin treatment and hair colour.

L’Abrea keratin treatment is in house product .and therefore our prices are so competitive considering the service and products that we are providing. We are running ongoing promotion and you can estimate your cost before you come to Head spa and avoid any surprises or any uncomfortable situation.

Find our your keratin cost here:

L’Abrea keratin is formaldehyde free, ammonia and toxic free. It has been designed to improve the hair and makes it softer and more manageable, while giving it more shine and strength.

We use Natulique hair colour from Europe. Natulique hair colour is also organic and ammonia free. It’s the cleanest colour you can find in the market now a days. So for those who care about their health, this is the best option you can find.
We do not do any hair colour that involves bleaching, like balayage or highlights. At Head Spa.

Staffs In Head Spa are highly trained and since they do keratin treatment daily , they are experts at what they do.

We use made to order Iron to give our clients the best result possible. These irons are made with the latest technology in the market and best material possible.


All our clients book their appointment online, and we do not accept walking in clients. This means the stylist time has been allocated to the client booked at that time. Only the next client book will come before you finish your appointment. This makes our space truly relaxing and enjoyable.

There is Wi-Fi available, and considering the calm you get in Head Spa, you can easily continue working while you are getting your treatment done or just surf on your devises.



Is Head Spa Sydney close to public transport?

Yes , Head Spa Sydney branch is 10 min walk from Town hall station or , St James station. Also there are many bus stops in few min away

Are there any car park available around Head Spa Sydney?

Yes you can park you car bellow Hilton hotel , in Secure car park. However this is a paid car park and they are very expensive, so please check their website before you decide to drive to the city.

Is Head Spa Sydney accessible for wheelchair?

Yes , you need to come through Elizabeth Street , entrance though.

Can I bring my child to Head Spa Sydney for my keratin treatment?

You can, however this is not something that we recommend you to do, because children and babies have really sensitive organ and it is not wise for them to inhale the air in a hair salon, Head Spa or any other salon at all.

Can I just walk in to Head Spa Sydney to get keratin treatment?


No. We do not accept walk in client, because we operate only with bookings and we precious our time with our client . We want to give them all attention and care without putting any pressure.

Is Wi-Fi available in Head Spa Sydney?

Yes there is unlimited Wi-Fi available.

Can I continue working when I get my hair keratin treatment done in Head Spa Sydney?

Yes absolutely. We understand how precious the time is in modern life and we are trying to create the environment that is friendly for our client to work while they get their hair done.

Why should I choose Head Spa Sydney to do my keratin treatment?

Because we use the best product which is toxic free like formaldehyde free, Ammonia free. Its Vegan and organic and it is made in Australia.

Also our staff doing multiple keratin on daily bases and they are highly trained and skilled.

Our tools are made to order ato give you the best results.

We value your time and we don’t ask you to hang around for long before we start your service.

Our price is very competitive , considering the quality and the service we provide.

Why should I choose HeadSpa Sydney to do my colour?

After long search in the market, we found and collected the cleanest colour in the market now a days...

Natulique is a European brand with vegetable pigments and it is Ammonia free and organic. It resonates with Head Spa philosophy , which providing quality and clean product to its clients.

How is accessibility to Head Spa during the weekend and after hours?


After hours and during the weekends, our lift might have restriction and not operating to public. If you find yourself in that situation please ring us on 02 8003 4342 and let our management know so they will send the staff to come downstairs to pick you up.

How can I contact Head Spa in case of Emergency ?

In case of emergency please call us on 02 8003 4342. If its out of our working hours and no answer, please send us an email.

Can I just walk in to Head Spa if I need to buy more shampoo and conditioner?

We recommend you to contact us in advance so we can give you the suitable time to attend to the salon to buy more aftercare.

Or you can always purchase from L’Abrea website directly to get delivered at your place:

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